Herbology Capstone Degree

Bachelor of Òrìṣà Herbology Capstone


A capstone Bachelor’s degree program for those who have completed any of the following programs at Ifá University:

  1. The Òrìṣà Studies Program
  2. The Ifá Studies Program
  3. The Bachelor of Ifá Studies, or
  4. The Bachelor of Òrìṣà Studies

Besides online classes, the tuition for this program covers:

  • One-week Study Abroad per year in Nigeria (Total of four trips)
  • All round-trip tickets from Washington, DC to Lagos, Nigeria
  • Room and board in Nigeria
  • Cost of all practicum training in Nigeria
  • Olórìṣà Basic Membership of the Òrìṣà Ìṣẹ̀ṣe Spiritual Assembly

You will be awarded the Bachelor of Òrìṣà Herbology degree at the end of the program.

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Payment Plan

Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly