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Be initiated into an Òrìṣà such as Ọbàtálá, Ọya, Ṣàngó, Ògún, Èṣù, Ọ̀ṣun, Yemọja, Ẹgbẹ́, etc. Òrìṣà initiation rituals are designed to mark a milestone of your progress on the spiritual path of your Òrìṣà. In this beautiful seven-day ritual, you will be infused with the spirit and power of your Òrìṣà. Initiation is a unique way to connect with your spirituality, reshape your religious perspectives and to acquire a renewed sense of direction in life. You will return home refreshed and with a new sense of purpose. If the Òrìsà you are interested in is not listed above, please contact us at info@orisaworldtours.com.

Completing the Òrìṣà initiation ritual alone does not, in itself, make you an ordained Babalórìṣà or Ìyálórìà. In addition to initiation, to become an ordained Babalórìṣà or Ìyálórìà, you need to complete the Òrìṣà Studies Program. Note that you can be initiated even if you do not want to be an ordained Babalórìṣà or Ìyálórìà.


  1. The Total Cost of Initiation;
  2. Round Trip Airfare from New York, NY,  to Lagos, Nigeria;
  3. 12 Days and 11 Nights in Nigeria;
  4. Accommodation and 3 Meals per day;
  5. Local Transportation in Nigeria;
  6. Admissions to all Events and Tours, and,
  7. Seven Unique Ifá University Courses to Prepare and Guide You Through Your Initiation: The Commitment of Initiation; Introduction to Òrìṣà Religion; Òrìṣà Devotion Webinars; Òriṣà Ethics;  Òriṣà Fundamentals 101; Òriṣà Fundamentals 102; and, The Yorùbá and The Òrìṣa. (All Courses Must Be Completed Before Initiation.)


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