Diploma in Ifá and Òrìṣà Studies – Six Years




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Diploma in Ifá and Òrìṣà Studies – Six Years

The Diploma in Ifá Studies is an affordable way to study all aspects of the theology, religion, and philosophy of Ifá and Òriṣà. The program also focuses on a comparative examination of several denominations of Òrìṣà Religion in African and the Diaspora, including: Ìṣẹ̀ṣe (in Nigeria), Candomblé (in Brazil and the United States), and Santeria (in Cuba and the United States).

Courses in the Program

  1. Sixteen Ifá Studies courses: Ifá 101, Ifá 102, Ifá 103, Ifá 104, Ifá 201, Ifá 202, Ifá 203, Ifá 204, Ifá 301, Ifá 302, Ifá 303, Ifá 304, Ifá 401, Ifá 402, Ifá 403, Ifá 404.
  2. Òrìṣà Devotion Webinars: 30 minutes every Sunday at 8:00 am EST
  3. Introduction to Òrìṣà Religion
  4. Four Yorùbá Language: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4
  5. Two Òrìṣà Fundamentals courses
  6. Òrìṣà Ethics
  7. Òrìṣà Politics and Power
  8. Òrìṣà Portraits of Leadership
  • At the end of year 1, you will be awarded a Certificate in Orìṣà Culture
  • At the end of year 2, you will be awarded a Diploma in Yorùbá Language
  • At the end of year 4, you will be awarded a Diploma in Ifá Studies
  • At the end of year 5, you will be awarded a Diploma in Òrìṣà Theology
  • When you complete the program, you will be awarded the Diploma in Ifá and Òrìṣà Studies


  • Enrolling in the Diploma saves you 20 % of the total cost of all the courses.
  • Initial subscription is for two years. Your subscription will be renewed at the end of 24 months and renewed a second time at the end of 48 months.
  • eMaterials for Learning: All books and study materials are available in electronic format (at no additional cost) to registered learners.
  • Online Course Training Cancellation, Transfer & Refund Policy: Generally, online training course orders are not eligible for a refund, cancellation or transfer to another training course. We may approve a transfer request to take the course at a later date. Requests must be sent via email to info@ifa.university
  • Course Start Date: You can enroll at any time, but note that Ifá 101 only starts in October. So, you can take the other courses in the program, and then start the Ifá courses with Ifá 101 in October.