Òrìṣà Portraits of Leadership

Òrìṣà Portraits of Leadership


At the end of this course, you will have the tools to make use of an Òrìṣà-based perspective to:

  • Describe and analyze what leadership is and the unique role of executives
  • Identify and anticipate leadership challenges
  • Appreciate the complexity of leadership skills
  • Realize how leaders build successful organizations by focusing on organizational clarity and creating a cohesive leadership team
  • Know and apply the practices of specific Òrìṣà as exemplars of leadership
  • Demonstrate how to strengthen key relationships: staff, board and community, and
  • Integrate information and application for leadership self-improvement

Cost: $75

Each student will be given the opportunity to evaluate real-world events, asking "What Would ______ Do? What are the leadership styles that would be most effective at dealing with these events?"

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$75 - Full Payment