About this course

Ẹẹ́rìndílógún is a form of Òrìṣà divination that has flourished for millennia in West African and the Diaspora.

The popularity of this system of divination is attributable to its relative simplicity and the fact that, unlike Ifá Divination, it is not male dominated.

Training details

  • Preliminary rituals required training to commence
  • Consecration of your own set of Sixteen Cowries divination implements
  • Analysis of the Sixteen Cowries divination system
  • Mastery of two poems from each of the Sixteen Cowries Odù
  • Detailed analysis of the mythological, theological and philosophical components of each poem
  • Master Ẹbọ performance and practicum  
  • Total of 20 lessons

Kábíèsí Oṣògún Àdìmúlà

Course Instructor - Oṣògún Ọládàpọ̀ Ọláfiránye

The Ọlọ́jọ́ Festival is an annual Ògún festival held in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. The Oṣògún, who is the head of all Ògún devotees plays a central role in the Ọlọ́jọ́ festival.